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The surgical school of Ayurveda pioneered the technique of treating dead bodies in flowing water and exposing the underlying structures by scraping the skin using soft instruments to gain accurate knowledge of minute structures that make up the human body. This practice declined over the ages due to various factors and today Ayurvedic Anatomy needs to be supplemented with modern knowledge. A unique aspect of Rachana Shareera in Ayurveda is the knowledge of the vital points or marmas, which have to be protected when performing surgical procedures and injury which can lead to disastrous consequences including death. Knowledge of these vital points and techniques to manipulate them is essential to become proficient in therapeutic massage that stimulates prana and revitalises the body.

Presenting the highest quality of education, centered on the basics of Shareera Rachana and laboratory experiences to the students. To develop and promote Shareera Rachana knowledge in the field of Ayurveda by encompassing education, instruction, and research in Shareer Rachana.  
To educate the students of the UG course with the help of human cadaver dissection

To deliver the knowledge regarding structural details of the human body by theory and practical

To make the students well oriented with the applied and clinical relevant details of the human body.

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Asst. Professor

Dr. P Sarangapani


Dr. P Kampa



Dr. Krishna Yadav