At SBSJSAMC, we are committed to providing quality education to our students with cutting-edge technology. With a futuristic vision, we aim to become a globally acclaimed institution. Our college has achieved phenomenal progress in a short span of time and is recognized as one of the best Ayurveda institutes in India. We offer personality development programs to prepare our students for the competitive world ahead. In addition, we have a unique additional capsule course in allied subjects to widen students’ knowledge about the current scenario in contemporary sciences. Our college is equipped with well-equipped computer and language laboratories, a library, and an auditorium. We provide personal and parental care and counseling, along with hostel facilities in a green environment. Our college and hospital have state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty to address academic issues. We offer an opportunity for progress through PG courses and entrance test preparation programs. Choose us for quality education and an all-round development experience.


  • Quality conscious with the potential to develop into a globally acclaimed Institution by virtue of the Cutting edge technology.
  • College with Futuristic vision achieved phenomenal progress in a very short span and is commended as one among best Ayurveda Institutes of India.
  • Has extra edge over others as the College offers Personality Development Programs to prepare the students for competitive world ahead.
  • Unique Additional Capsule course in Allied subjects throughout the curriculum to widen the vistas and update the students about current scenario in contemporary sciences.
  • Well equipped Internet enabled computer laboratory and Wi-Fi enabled College premises.
  • A well established Library with over 12,000 traditional and modern Textbooks.
  • Personal affectionate Parental care and Counseling for the students.
  • Fully equipped, advanced Language Laboratory and Auditorium.
  • Have live field exposure, hands on projects and Internship.
  • College and Hospital equipped with State-of-the-art facilities, latest technological gadgets and traditional equipments.
  • Experienced, highly qualified Teaching faculty raring to address and promote academic issues. More Senior Professors than any other Ayurveda College in the UP.
  • Providing Hostel facilities in the ambient, spacious and green environment.
  • Extra scope of progress in view of ensuing PG courses in various disciplines along with PG Entrance Test Preparation Programs.